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Prison Preparation is the key to a successful experience from indictment to reentry.  Experienced prison consultants are on staff at PRISON PREP to assist with pre-sentence review, guideline calculations, mitigating factor review, active incarceration and reentry.

Jimmy spent his life in the white collar world holding positions from sales to CEO, as an innovator in business and a respected member in the communities in which he lived.  Everything was great, until a series of events led him down a road that no one saw coming.  In 2006, he was arrested and indicted on federal drug charges.  Following a two and a half year battle in the courts he received a 130 month federal prison sentence.  Rather than being defeated he decided it was time to go to work.  Self improvement became a top priority.  In the process he discovered that there were many men who were blindly traveling down a road that was unfamiliar and overwhelming.  PRISON PREP was conceived and developed to help men and women facing these same uncertainties.  Jimmy brings a unique and invaluable perspective of what lies ahead for you and your loved ones.  
Joyce worked for over twenty five years as a Pennsylvania State Parole agent.  Following retirement she decided that there was still much to be done.  She continues to work tirelessly at breaking down the all too common barriers to reentry.  Facing her own obstacles and resistence Joyce has broken through where many have given up or failed.  A powerful advocate for smooth and successful reintegration of ex-offenders, Joyce realizes the importance of second chances and even more important, family reunification.  Joyce's vision for PRISON PREP, is  to continue to bridge the gap between incarceration and a return to  pro social life.  Her contribution to the PRISON PREP team is immeasurable and as you will soon find out, will be invaluable to the future of you and your loved ones.   

Judicial process consulting

Paul Pozonsky, JD, CRS, Former Criminal Trial Judge

Following graduation from Duquesne University School of Law in 1980, Paul entered into private practice.  In 1984 he answered the call to public service, and was elected to the position of District Judge.  He remained in that capacity until 1997, when he was elected to serve as Criminal Trial Judge for Washington County Pennsylvania.  As Judge, Paul handled over 65% of cases on the criminal docket, and was instrumental in developing and implimenting the Washington County Drug/Treatment Court.  This was only the third program of its type in the State of PA, and continues to assist those in need of treatment today.  In 2013, Paul was indicted on various criminal charges.  In July 2015, he was sentenced to up to 23 months in jail.  Aside from his freedom, his pension and lifetime benefits were forfieted.  While incarcerated, Paul realized that he had much to offer those who faced similar situations in their lives.  Following his release, Paul has become a trained Certified Recovery Specialist, and remains active in the community in which he once served.  Paul lends his time to the Washington City Mission, as well as serving at a recovery drop-in center to assist those suffering from addiction.  Paul's experience in the Criminal Justice System, both pre and post incarceration, makes him a valuable addition to the PRISON PREP team and an invaluable resource to you and your loved ones.

Counseling and Family Services

Pecosh Counseling and Consulting

PRISON PREP typically refers to PECOSH COUNSELING AND CONSULTING (PCC), for the mental health needs of our clients.  Founded by Mike and Lindsay Pecosh in 2010, PCC offers counseling with a sense of humor!
As a child, Mike Pecosh spent time in foster and group home care after the death of his mother and the incarceration of his biological father.  He was ultimately adopted and given a new lease on life, but Mike never forgot his early experiences, and still feels strongly about helping those affected by incarceration, addiction, and the foster system.
Children of incarcerated parents can benefit from professional counseling to address separation anxiety and adjustment issues.  A child may begin to exhibit behavioral outbursts at home or at school.  PCC works with children, parents, and schools to bring about desired behavioral changes.
PCC also provides counseling services to adults and to couples.  The incarceration of a loved one is obvioulsy a significant event.  PCC provides counseling for depression and anxiety for individuals and couples to help work through issues affecting relationships.
If you feel you or a loved one could benefit from professional counseling, please call PCC at 724-249-2829 or email [email protected].
Video conferencing is available where indicated.

  Elkton 2011

Experience Matters

  When I say I've been there, I mean I've been there! 

If you needed surgery, a car mechanic, plumber, or an electrician, you would shop around to find the one that you feel has the most knowledge and best skill set to accomplish your goal.  You wouldn't trust your pet to just any vet.  So why would you trust your furture to chance?   With ​PRISON PREP you have an experienced team with a wealth of knowledge and superior skills who are ready and able to disseminate priceless information to you and your loved ones.  Of the one hundred thirty month sentence I received, I served ninety four months in Federal Prison. Living, learning, making mistakes and reevaluating.  As time went on, I was able to rise to a status among the population that few have the opportunity to enjoy.  This was an incredible blessing, as it afforded me intricate knowledge of "the system", and enabled me to assist countless numbers of men with their concerns.

This journey is frightening because it is unknown to you, but don't fall prey to the trap that is being set by inexperienced or unethical consultants who lack real time knowledge.  Of course you have apprehensions, but knowledge is power.  The professionals at  PRISON PREP possess  that knowledge and we will be with you through every facet of the incarceration experience, something other consultants fail miserably in doing.  Experience Matters.  I have had the unique opportunity to interact with every faction of the prison system, from time in the yard, to the inner workings of the administrative process.  I formed relationships with peers from a variety of backgrounds, who had a range of offenses and stories.  No two were alike.  Your story and situation are unique too, and for that reason PRISON PREP will tailor a plan specifically for you and your loved ones.  Your plan will divulge all the quirks and nuances of this journey, and apply them to your specific situation.
This is information that the professionals at PRISON PREP, are uniquely qualified to represent.  As you can see from the pictures on this page, it is  possible to form relationships in  the prison yard.  There is a pseudo normalcy inside that is essential to understand.  This will be foreign territory to you, but it can be navigated and we will help you through it.  For however long you stay at your new home you will have a new normal.  That's simply a fact, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  In sports, business and life in general, preparation is the difference between winning and losing.  I prepared.   I helped many other men prepare, and now PRISON PREP will help you prepare.  This is not the end of your life, although it may seem like it at this juncture.  We can guide you through this process to the light at the end of the tunnel.  You can be successful once again.  We can show you how.  I won.  It didn't beat me. 

One common thread inside is the concern for loved ones because they are also on a journey that they were not prepared for.  You're probably wondering how we can help with those worries.  We have put considerable thought into this matter.  We will be available to answer their questions and concerns in real time.  We will also connect them to a network of family and friends of those currently or previously incarcerate, from across the country.  This assemblage of family and friends are in different stages of the process and will be an invaluable resource for those at home.  There is no better person to console, enlighten, or encourage than someone who has lived through these uncertain times.  This is a traumatic time for your family. Often, counseling is needed and we can assist them in this area.  Now is the time to take this opportunity to reach out to ​PRISON PREP  to begin this journey with ​our unique advantage of knowledge, preparation and support for you and your loved ones.
Jim Sed #09357-068

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 Zero Six Eight

Within two months of my release from Federal Prison, I was sitting on a board addressing re-entry and reintegratrion of ex-offenders.  It is an honor and a   priveledge to interact with the very distinguished members of the group regarding a subject I passionately believe in.  This important work continues to grow and gain traction. 

    Zero Six Eight

Zero Six Eight are the identifying numbers for the Western District of Pennsylvania in the Federal system.  It is also an icubator accelerator, employer and employment finder for ex-offenders.  It is a company that was conceived around a bocce court in Elkton Federal Prison.  I was there.  One of the other men there was Dan Bull.  Dan left prison and founded Zero Six Eight.  It is an example of what is possible if you plan, prepare and remain pro active throughout your incarceration experience.  Joyce and I continue to support Zero Six Eight's mission.

Harrisburg, PA Capitol Bldg. 

Harrisburg PA

The photo at left was taken following a meeting with key state representatives and committee leaders.  We are lobbying for sentencing reform on the state level.  It's encouraging to be able to report that there is support from political and community leaders on the subject. We will continue the fight. 

Back Inside

Entering Prison through the front gate was surreal to say the least.  The opportunity to address staff and residents in Federal facilites regarding preparation for a smooth re-entry is a privilege.  My affiliation with reentry initiatives has given me the opportunity to speak about and to sit on panels that address this very important issue.  
Jimmy has written volumes about the prison experience.  His own story, and the of accounts of others.  Some are humorous, some are anecdotal, and some just typical prison stories.  However, what they have in common is that every story represents an incident in one man's personal tale.  Your situation is as unique as they are.  Your abilities, and the ways in which you put them to use are going to shape your own experience inside.  That is why we will tailor a plan specifically for your needs and the needs of your loved ones.  The ​PRISON PREP family will provide you with the tools and guidance necessary to navigate this experience.  Until the day you decide you no longer need us, you will be our top priority.  

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